Grilled Veggies


To some this may seem like a given, but meat is not the only thing that can go on the grill. Whenever we grill at my home, I try to make it a point to put some vegetables on the grill. Vegetables are not only good for you, but can bring color and flavor to a meal. By grilling veggies you are able to incorporate that smoky flavor from the grill into the veggies and bring a savory sensation to your palate. Next time you grill try one of the tips below to bring a little “color” to your grilling experience.

  1. Grill on medium heat – You do not want to grill your veggies too fast because they will burn easier. Always turn your grill down before grilling veggies.
  2. Season your veggies before grilling – By seasoning your veggies before grilling you can bring out a ton of flavors. Next time you make your favorite vegetable on the grill try tossing it in olive oil and sea salt or marinating it in your favorite sauce (i.e. teriyaki, lemon basil, balsamic dressing).
  3. Cut your veggies – Be sure to cut your veggies into pieces that can cook quickly and efficiently. If your veggies are too small you run the risk of them falling apart.
  4. Flip only once – When grilling veggies it is not good to flip them multiple times. Flipping once makes ensures that veggies do not fall apart of overcook.

Tips for individual vegetables


  1. Asparagus – Cut the ends of asparagus spears to ensure they will not be tough. Toss in olive oil, sea salt, and lemon juice before grilling. Only grill your asparagus for approximately 10 minutes, otherwise you run the risk of them overcooking.
  2. Corn – When you keep the husk on your corn when grilling you are simply seaming your corn. Next time remove the husk and put the corn directly on the grill for a caramelized sweet corn flavor.
  3. Tomatoes – When grilling tomatoes be sure to handle them gently. By grilling tomatoes the juiciness and sweetness of the tomato is heightened. If you can, remove the seeds to ensure the tomato stays together when grilling.

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