Dinner Party Series – Sweet and Savory

I am very blessed and privileged to have some great people in my life. I often tell people that I don’t have friends; I have family. Entering the fall season, I invited a group of “family” to help kickoff the Shay’s Kitchen Dinner Party series. It was important to have a unique spin on every dish to help celebrate the fall season. The theme of the October party was “Sweet and Savory”.

This time around I was not alone in the kitchen. I had the opportunity to work with Britton Citchens (@brittonzoriah) to help bring these festive dishes to life. I had a great time sharing good food with good company.

Mark Wright (@im_wright_always)
Mark Wright is an accomplish songwriter and artists. He has been blessed to partner with several ministries as a musician, consultant, and minister of music. Wright has shared the stage with some of Gospel’s finest such as Karen Clark-Sheard, Anita Wilson, Smokey Norful, Jessica Reed and many more. In 2011 Mark released his debut project, “Soul Essence of a Worshipper” which was nominated for a number of awards. He recently released his new single with Worship 2 Xtreme entitled “Lamb”, which is now on radio and available on iTunes GooglePlay and CD Baby.

Mark is brutally honest and never fails to let me know what is good, and what needs to go back into the kitchen. He is truly a great client, mentor and friend.

Shayla Hudson (@blessedpurple)
I had the opportunity to connect with Shayla about a year ago. She is not only beautiful, but a great person. I admire Shayla’s love for God. She may be soft spoken, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Shayla is a graduate of Cornell University and currently works in the financial services industries. Outside of working in corporate America, Shayla serves as a partner managing Worship 2 Xtreme. She is currently looking into starting her own business and is working with her sister to develop a line of natural hair care products.


Falando and Kelly McNeal (@ladyhustle)
Out of everyone who was at the dinner party, I am actually related to the McNeals. As a child I remember Kelly teaching me how to boil an egg. Though she may not remember this occasion, it has stuck with me for years. Falando and Kelly have a son, Landyn, who keeps them quite busy. Outside of being a cool guy, Falando is our movie buddy. If it is out, he has probably seen it. I appreciate them being in my life and keeping the party going at all times!

George and Amira Evans (@fnpdiva13)
Geo and Mira are my hommies! Interestingly enough Jeremy and I, with the help of Amira’s mom, introduced them to each other. We have spent plenty of days eating together and playing games. Anytime we are together it is always a good time. Like Jeremy and me, George and Amira own their own business and work in corporate America. George and Amira have been married for a year and have recently relocated to the Chicagoland area. Outside of their own business, George works as an engineer and Amira works as a nurse practitioner.

With the Evans being Colts fans, Jeremy and I often tease them by letting them know that one day they are going to look in their backyard and see a life sized stuffed bear with a Bears jersey on to remind them who the best team in the NFL is.

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