Peach Bourbon BBQ Salmon


We are extremely blessed to have some great friends. Simeon “Real” Dill is known as being a celebrity barber, but to me he is a great man of God, businessman and style enthusiast. When Jeremy informed me that Simeon was coming over for dinner I wanted to make something as eclectic as he is. I had just purchased some locally grown peaches from the market and wanted to continue celebrating national bourbon month. What better way to do this then to make peach bourbon barbecued salmon!

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Grilled Veggies


To some this may seem like a given, but meat is not the only thing that can go on the grill. Whenever we grill at my home, I try to make it a point to put some vegetables on the grill. Vegetables are not only good for you, but can bring color and flavor to a meal. By grilling veggies you are able to incorporate that smoky flavor from the grill into the veggies and bring a savory sensation to your palate. Next time you grill try one of the tips below to bring a little “color” to your grilling experience.

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Berry Pound Cake


Berry-PoundCakeOne of my favorite deserts growing up was pound cake. It seemed like my Grandmother was always whipping together a quick homemade pound cake for desert. I remember her making it seem completely effortless. When I moved away from home I missed those wonderful pound cakes.

Little did I know, it took a lot of time, care, and experience to make the perfect pound cake. Though I feel that my Grandmother’s cake still reigns supreme, this one is getting me a bit closer. Thanks G. Brown, love ya!

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Orange Ginger Chicken

Orange-Ginger-Chicken Last winter was pretty difficult for the Midwest. We had a series of storms that made driving conditions extremely difficult. My husband and I had the unfortunate opportunity of driving in one of those storms to visit our Aunt and Uncle. To our surprise when we arrived our Aunt had prepared a beautiful spread for us. One of my favorite dishes that she prepared was Orange Ginger Chicken. This chicken dish is sweet, spicy, and savory. Try this dish next time you are trying to take traditional chicken up a notch. Read More »